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Summer's Second Chance

This is the story of a young Puli called Summer. We were so moved by her story we felt we just had to share it. It all starts in Hungary.

Summer, a rescue dog, was being housed in a kill-shelter in Budapest. The conditions of the Eastern European kill-shelter were appalling, no place for a dog.

1225 miles away two ‘Bristolians’, Claire and Danas, already the owners of a toy poodle were on the prowl for another dog. Whilst browsing the web one evening Danas came across a post on Facebook. The post was about the horrendous conditions rescue dogs were kept in in Eastern Europe.

Claire discovered a number of disturbing videos that detailed what the dogs were subjected to, should no one claim them. Touched by what she saw later joined a few Facebook groups for Eastern European rescue dogs, and saw a post about Summer. Knowing her fait, Claire only had one thing in mind.

We can’t reveal the specifics of these videos, but we were truly shocked when Claire told us!

Claire told us, “She kinda looked like a dog but more like a bunch of rags. She was going to be killed unless someone was willing to have her.”

Claire contacted the kill shelter to let the know they would happily take her in, and started the motions of her arrival. It wasn’t until a few months later that Summer arrived on British soil, “she had to have her injections, be spayed and basically spend time with foster carers to test her and see what she was like.”

Summer had been travelling for more than 24 hours when Claire and Danas collected her.

“We picked her up from some Hungarians who didn’t speak English. They seemed to care for her, giving her strokes and some attention. They put her on the floor of a service station car park at about 11pm on a Thursday night and she looked to them for direction.”

As they stood in the service station it was ever clearer to Claire and Danas that Summer has been subjected a very hard life in Budapest; reaffirming their decision to take her in, and smother her with love.

“I fed her loads of treats and she noticed us a bit. Then we walked off to our car. She turned around once to look at the Hungarians, I gave her another treat and she carried on with us. She sat on my lap the whole way home. She was obviously very tired and really wasn’t quite with it.”

“When we got home about midnight, we collected our other dog and went for a long walk so they could sniff each other on neutral ground.”

“We spent the evening reassuring her and Nimmi, making sure they were happy and that tensions were kept to a minimum. Summer sat on the floor by my feet, looking at the ground. She did this for days.”

“She was so submissive, it was awful!”

Claire ran her hands through Summer’s coat and felt loads of nobbles across her ribs. A vet later confirmed that they had been broken and healed awkwardly. As Claire looked closer she noticed her teeth where flat and sharp, where she had chewed stones from being so hungry.

“Three weeks later and we have a different dog! She loves to run and play with Nimmi, enjoys life and her sad eyes have gone. She’s a wonderful girl who just wants to be with her family, eat food and have tummy rubs. I’m happy to oblige. When we first gave her treats she used to drop them and roll on them. She’s learnt that she can eat them too. Having Nimmi with her has really helped her understand how the family operates,” said Claire.

Summer wearing Baker and Bray leather dog collar

Check out Summer rocking her new Baker and Bray collar, she looks gorgeous!

Wishing your family all the best for the future, it’s truly amazing what you’ve done.

Love B&B x

If you would like to give a dog a second chance head over to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, you can make their life worth living.

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