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Keeping it British

British. It means everything to us.

The whole ethos behind Baker and Bray is to create a brand that excludes British style, incorporating traditional and modern elements.

We were recently presented with the opportunity to exhibit at Best of Britannia London, an event that's iconic for promoting British brands, products, food and music.

Why British you may be wondering?

When we set out on this journey it was important to us that Baker and Bray was British in every way. The idea was born in London but it was more than that. We wanted to support the British manufacturing and design industry. Approaching Baker and Bray this way also enabled us to ensure we wouldn't lose high quality fabrics and the ability to work with innovative manufacturers.

British design has a uniqueness to it, maintaining a certain classic feel but with a quirky touch. Paul Smith is such a great example of this. British designed and manufactured products are typically more expensive than that of their far-east Asian counterpart, which customers are used to purchasing today. However, we're able to offer something more unique, stylish and eye catching, of the highest quality.

We're proud to say, where possible, all of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Sourcing fabrics and components from UK suppliers and manufactures is hugely important to us. We're tremendously proud of the high quality British components used to make up our products, and we'll continue to incorporate them into our designs as much as possible.

It's paramount to us to support other British companies, without which British industry would not survive.

As supporters of the Made in Britain campaign, you can find their logo incorporated into all of our new products aiming to highlight that we source and make our products locally.

All of our new products feature the Made In Britain campaign marque All of our new products feature the Made In Britain campaign marque

What does the future look like for Baker and Bray?

As we grow, we'd like to enhance our range with more seasonal designs, influenced by fashion trends. Our current designs are more classically inspired, so we're not necessarily following fashion trends but taking inspiration where we can.

Knitwear is a collection we're particularly focused on. We're very excited to introduce sweaters, scarves and snoods to the line-up, they're fun products to produce.

Your pooch will also be pleased to hear that we're currently prototyping some designs for knitted squeaky toys, which will hopefully be released in the Autumn.

In the meantime you can keep up-to-date with everything we're up to on social media.

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