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Best of British Event at Liberty

We just got back from the Best of British event at Liberty of London and could not be happier. We started off the day with the camera man welcoming everyone into the store loving the jacket Milo was wearing. Turns out Boston Terriers are his favourite type of dog! They filmed us and Milo coming into the store multiple times and they said they loved the jacket.

Everyone was so excited about their chance to present to Liberty’s world renowned staff. We entered from the ground floor stairs and the sign-up room was on the very top floor. The higher we went the more nervous we all became!

Once we got to the sign-up table we learned that we would be presenting to Ed Burstell, the Managing Director of Liberty’s so the pressure was on. While we waited we were asked to film a couple more interviews and take some pictures of Milo wearing the jacket and handkerchief. We felt like celebrities, or least Milo was a celebrity.

They asked us to wait to meet Ed until the cameras were ready. Ed was doing his interviews with Kate Brindley, head of press and marketing at the store. When we walked in the room they absolutely loved the jackets and Milo. He was the best model of the day. Ed and Kate looked at everything we brought and seemed really interested. We couldn’t be happier. Once we changed Milo into another jacket, Ed invited some of the other buyers to come see the Baker & Bray collection and everyone seemed very positive.

After our meeting which seemed to last forever, the blog team wanted to interview us followed by an exit interview with the film crew. We were interviewed five times so really hope this leads to something. Now time to pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Have a look at the Liberty Blog where we are mentioned!

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